The Difference Between an Expert Mover and an Average Mover?

Many consumers do not know the difference between an expert mover and just your average mover. You just need to get your belongings moved. So, either your shopping prices or just looking for an extract date or maybe just need a reputable moving company in Phoenix, AZ.

After gathering information on movers in the valley and in the Central / East states over the after the past 35years. I’ve come to conclusion that there is a big difference in finding the best movers in Arizona.
So, let me explain a few things. For example, just like when you’re looking for electrician. There’s the certified electrician and then there’s a journeyman. Or Even looking for a Doctor. There your MD & there PA.
So the difference is a degree and experience. Well, you may not think there’s no comparison for a moving company to know how to pack, load and move your priceless furniture. Well, there is for sure a difference, your average mover just wants to get your job done as quickly as possible with no care at all. It just a job and a pay check for him or her.
There is a technically way to move furniture and pack items.
I call an expert mover, “moving engineers” of packing services, loading and moving furniture.
I’ve seen a lot of movers over the past 35yrs in the Central/Eastern States and in Arizona / West states.
Boy, there is a Big difference with the professionalism and quality movers in Western states including Arizona. Some of AZ movers seem to want to dolly everything including antiquities. There’s even a saying in West, states, “If it doesn’t roll, it don’t-go” Oh My!
Don’t get me wrong there’s times when you need to dolly furniture.
Like when there’s a long walk, very heavy furniture pieces, washer, dryer, refrigerator and boxes. I’ve even saw a mover dolly furniture down stairs at apartment complex. Why in the world would you put furniture through the stress on ever dumb down the stairs case. Just carry the furniture with another experienced mover down the stairs. It less stress on the furniture and It shows the customer you care for their furniture.
I’ve asked a few so-called professional movers in Phoenix, why don’t you use a hump strap on that pieces. Most of them don’t know what a hump strap is used for. Hump strap come in handy with tall piece of furniture, mattress and much more. It’s easy way to maneuver a piece of furniture, especially with weight.

Let’s talk about shrink wrap vs padded furniture.
Most consumers don’t even know that shrink wrap does nothing to protect your furniture from scratches. The only thing shrink wrap is good for is white furniture pieces from getting dirt. And Some fragile pieces with glass on sides or mirrored furniture. It’s best to protect the glass with cardboard than pad the piece and shrink wrap after. Most of the moving companies in Phoenix area use it for many reasons.
The biggest reason is to keep the jars closed. When dolling the pieces to the truck.
Nope, that’s not acceptable.
The correct way is to carry and tilt the pieces back on angel to the keep jars from opening or you could use rubber bands around the jars.
Another reason to shrink wrap is to charge then customer extra plus it take extra time, so it’s wasting your money.

Loading storage vaults correctly.
The vaults have a long way (narrow opening )
and a short (wide way opening) I’ve seen many moving company in Phoenix load furniture and goods in narrow opening in the vault,
nope not correct, it’s done through the wide way part of the vault.
Heavy pieces on the button of the vault. Light items on top.

Lastly, loading the truck correctly. Loading for a local move vs long long-distance move. It’s common to load different based on the situation. An Expert mover will always load with base that means with Heavy items on bottom, kind of like put a puzzle together. Heavy items a bottom and getting light items and fragile pieces at the top of the load. Non experienced movers think loading boxes first is best. Nope boxes needed to be place throughout the load, so everything will fit in one load. Then non-experienced movers though in large pieces at the end and sometimes run out of room. Loading Long distance moving furniture onto the truck. Most over the road professional movers pad the furniture in the house sometimes even padding & shrink-wrapped leather chairs, rubber bands leave and indent on leather furniture and shrink wrap straight on leather is a No No too. With heat Shrink wrap will adhesive to the furniture and leave marks on the furniture especially when left on the piece to long.

So, that’s a Wrap on my data with Expert Movers VS Movers. This Information I have collected is based on my option of data I have collected based on experience and things I have seen over the years.
At Jones Moving we are always going to give our customers professional moving service that’s done the right way and the efficient way to be an Expert Moving company in Phoenix, AZ.

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Candice Jones

I’ve been gathering information over the past 35yrs in the moving industry, With the ins & outs, Pros & Cons on choosing the right moving company . This Information is my option based on the knowledge I have gathered. I hope this will help you with a smooth transition with your moving journey.