Moves With Multiple Stops / Color Code

Many times customer have request to have a few pick ups or drop off.
That’s not a problem with us at Jones Moving & Storage.
Some moving companies in Phoenix area will charge extra for that service. There is no need to charge extra when your paying by the hour.
Now, for out of state moves, there is an extra cost usually.

Here are some helpful tips to make to the drop off process go smoothly.
It’s best to tag the pieces your dropping off with a color code system.
So for example all the hot pink tags will go storage . That way everyone is on the same page and the helpers don’t take the wrong pieces to the loader.
Also it’s a good idea to place all of your items in one designated area ,
if you can.
Tell your driver the plan so he or she can load the truck accordingly to where the drop offs will be on the way to your destination. And if there pick up as well.
The color code system is also helpful with organizing the rooms where your items will go to in your new place. Tag the boxes and items with one color and place a large color tag on the door of that room, this makes the move go so much faster.
Long distance moves , with drop offs or pick ups.
The reason it cost extra is the helpers get pay a set amount for the weight and one location. If there two stops they charge the driver extra. Plus there a process to closing the truck and securing the load at every stop, that’s time consuming also maneuvering a 53 foot semi truck is time consuming, do that explains why there extra cost .
Also keep in mind the truck isn’t your average box truck, it’s usually a
48 ft to 53 ft semi truck and trailer. These truck have a hard time getting into storage facility , condo or apartment complex. Sometimes a shuttle will need to take place. There extra cost for that too or if there’s a long walk. Helpers charge the driver extra for that as well, unless it’s agreed on prior to the move.
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