Planning Your local Office Move

Common Office Moving Mistakes

Let us help you from making some common mistakes when moving your office to a new location. Many companies don’t think they can afford to hire a professional moving company, so they assign the responsibility to a member of their own staff. But reality is that most employees have little to no experience of managing an office relocation project. Let’s face it moving office can be a full-time job in itself and not to mention that you have to continue to take care of your day to day responsibilities.
The bottom line is staying on budget and minimum hassle and business disruption.
You can get your office move on track from the outset. Moving your office doesn’t have to be a stressful experience… Especially if you follow our helpful tips.

  1. Start planning early, underestimating what is involved in the relocation process.
  2. Packing should be started as early as possible. Have all employees do there own area before moving day. If you need help with packing service we can assisted you with that service. It can become overwhelming to try and do everything on your own.
  3. Contact your building manager to reserve the elevator. Also, check on insurance requirement , some buildings will require your moving company to have a General Liability Policy.
  4. Staging your office move is a very important key.
  5. Labeling or Color Code Rooms: This will help all your employees and movers to know where items will go at the new location.
  6. Hiring Professional Moving Companies in Phoenix,AZ There are many movers out there, so do your homework and make sure you fine the moving company that can help you with you moving needs. Such as Experienced , Efficient , Timing this will mean a lot on moving day. Cheapest moving company will not be the answer on this day.
  7. Empty File cabinet. The lateral file cabinet will need to be empty by moving day. Vertical four draw or two draw cabinet don’t need to be emptied out.
  8. Disassemble Desk, Cubicles: This should be done the day before your move, make sure you have someone that is good with taking apart and putting them back together. Use bags to put the hardware into and label them. Our movers are very experienced with disassembling and reassembling anything you may need.
    We believe if you put all of these tips in your plans it will make your moving process go much smoother.
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I’ve been gathering information over the past 35yrs in the moving industry, With the ins & outs, Pros & Cons on choosing the right moving company . This Information is my option based on the knowledge I have gathered. I hope this will help you with a smooth transition with your moving journey.