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Best Moving Company in Phoenix, AZ Best Movers in the Valley

How can you find the Best Moving Company in your area?

• First you should go to the Better Business Bureau, Check out the ratings on moving companies.

• Also Check other sites, like Angie’s List, Google, & Yelp reviews.

• Check to see how long your movers have been in business.

• Check to see if your movers are Licensed and Insured for your protection. Most Moving Companies offer .60 cents per pound per article. You can also get more insurance though

• Ask about the crew that will be assisting with your move. Like do you hire day labors or is your staff employed by your company? This can get tricky , because most companies will never tell you they hire day labors.

• Ask your friends and family for referrals.

• What type of truck they will be using? This is really important for many reasons. If your moving a large home, you will need a large truck – semi trailer to accommodate your furniture. Even if you have oversized furniture you still may need a semi truck. We hope some of these helpful tips well help you choose the right moving company. Give us a Call at Jones Moving & Storage to book your next Move @ (602) 944-1413 visit our website @

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Candice Jones

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Candice Jones

I’ve been gathering information over the past 35yrs in the moving industry, With the ins & outs, Pros & Cons on choosing the right moving company . This Information is my option based on the knowledge I have gathered. I hope this will help you with a smooth transition with your moving journey.