Moving Estimate

What to expect when getting an Estimate from your moving company:


This type of estimate means the moving company can’t charge you more than 10% above the original estimate. Keep in mind this isn’t always the case, in some states, there may be No limit to what you’re required to pay, No matter what the estimate states. This is the most common estimate in the moving industry, especially with local moves.


This typically means you will not have to pay any overages to the original estimate. The estimate is the most you’ll have to pay for any service rendered. Check with your state to make sure this is true per state requirements.


This should be a fixed price for your move and all extras and services. If you request addition service later on, though, you’ll have to pay extra for those services. That could include packing materials, rearranging furniture, unpacking services, not included in the original quote.


When you call into our office, we could provide you with an approximate cost, either for your local move or for your long-distance move based on the items you wish to move. Keep in mind we can’t see your locations and if there are stairs, elevator or long walk the move may take longer. So, it would be a rough idea on what to expect on moving day.


This is the newest way to do any estimate, with everything going on with the Pandemic this would be one of safest ways to have any estimate. You could email pictures or Facetime our estimator to do a walk through virtual. This way we could see the items you would us to pack or move for you.

Deposits to hold your moving date:

Reputable moving companies won’t require a cash or upfront huge deposit to move your things. Don’t Pay a Big Deposit.  In fact, you should Avoid any company that asks for one. The most you should expect to put down for a deposit is around 10% for your long-distance move. Some moving companies ask for a deposit, due to the high demand of moves at the end of the month and summer months is a higher demand. You should always pay your deposit with credit card in case the moving company can’t accommodates your move.  At Jones Moving will not take any deposit for your local move and usually not even for a long-distance move. We are a highly rated moving company in Phoenix, AZ , So our cancellation rate from our customers is very low, due to the demand of our moving service in Phoenix, AZ.


Our office staff is very knowledgeable and can Help you with any questions or concerns about your estimate. Call us for your next move 7days a week we can set up a free estimate for you.

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I’ve been gathering information over the past 35yrs in the moving industry, With the ins & outs, Pros & Cons on choosing the right moving company . This Information is my option based on the knowledge I have gathered. I hope this will help you with a smooth transition with your moving journey.