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How to Prepare Items for Storage

POSTED ON December 29th  - POSTED IN Blog, Residential Moves, Storage

storageWhen it comes time to move your items into storage, there are some specific things you can do that will make a huge difference, we will show you how to prepare items for storage. Planning ahead can help you avoid headache and aggravation down the road and can make it so much easier to remove items when needed. Here’s some ideas we’ve picked up over the years:

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·      Protect your dishes by using special dish packing boxes.

·      Wrap each glass, dish, and cup in its own packing paper or bubble wrap – you might also use socks for glasses.

·      Plates and bowls should also be wrapped individually and stacked in boxes on their sides.

·      Be sure to use plenty of cushioning at the bottom of boxes containing dishes or glasses.

·      Mark boxes clearly with “fragile” and be sure to stack these boxes at the top of your storage unit.


·      Take the time to wrap big pieces of furniture such as sofas and loveseats with plastic or blankets.  This will keep them clean and make them easier to move.

·      Stack chairs seat to seat and be sure to put a piece of cloth or paper in between the cushions.

·      Be sure to cover other valuable furniture carefully with plastic or blankets.

·      Store couches on end if possible to conserve space.

·      Separate the legs of a table from the table when possible to save space.  Wrap each leg in paper, plastic or a towel.

·      Put all hardware (such as nuts, bolts, screws) into a plastic bag and tape the bag to the piece of furniture it belongs to.

Books, Files, Documents

·      Careful not to overload boxes with books – you don’t want them to be too heavy.

·      Use file storage boxes and hanging folders for documents.

·      Be sure to label boxes accurately.

Appliances and Electronics

·      First be sure that all appliances are clean and dry before storing – they can be ruined when stored with even the smallest amount of moisture inside.

·      When possible, store electronics in original packaging.

·      Leave refrigerator door open slightly for circulation.

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Other Items

·      Be sure that when filling a box, you fill it completely so it doesn’t collapse.

·      Use empty spaces between chairs and in the tops of dressers to store small items.

·      Mattresses should be wrapped in plastic and stored on their sides.

·      When storing metal items, run a few drops of oil on them to prevent rusting.

·      Artwork and mirrors should be carefully wrapped in plastic or packing paper and then placed in heavy duty cardboard boxes.

Be sure to give us a call at Jones Moving & Storage if you have any questions regarding specific items.  We’ve been in the moving and storing business for years and know a thing or two about prepping for storage.

Will a Moving Company Transport My Car from One State to Another

POSTED ON December 9th  - POSTED IN Blog, Furniture, Long Distance Moves, Residential Moves, Storage

Transport a CarMoving out of state definitely adds a completely different slant on everything, especially when you have to transport your car. This is especially true when you’re involved with a long distance from one side of the country to another.  It can sometimes feel that the longer the move, the more complicated it becomes.

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One concern many people have when it comes to moving from one state to another is transporting their vehicle.  It could be that they’re hoping to avoid putting thousands of miles on their odometer, or they’d simply prefer not to drive across parts of the country they’re unfamiliar with.  Either way, finding out whether a moving company will transport a car from one state to another can be a very important consideration when it comes to choosing a moving company.

The short answer is yes; there are moving companies who will transport your car for you.

In fact, Jones Moving and Storage is one of those moving companies.  We not only specialize in out of state moves, but we also have experience in transporting any size car or SUV.

When you’ve hired a moving company to transport your car, there are some considerations involved.  For one thing, the method of transport is important to consider.  In some cases, your vehicle will be loaded into the back of a moving truck along with your other possessions.  Or, it might work better to use an auto transporter.  Typically it ends up coming down to price.  We know and understand that most people are looking to keep moving costs to a minimum.  We’ll discuss your needs with you and give you some different options to choose from.

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You’ll also need to have a clear understanding of what can be in the car at the time of transport.  Some people assume that they can completely stuff their car full of items that need to go to the same place as the car.  There are some space and weight limitations involved when moving a vehicle so it’s important that you discuss them with the moving company.

If you know you have a long-distance move coming up and need some help deciding the best way to move your possessions safely and efficiently, give us a call at Jones Moving and Storage.  With many years of experience behind us, we’ll be able to offer tips and ideas that can make a big difference in your move, including how to best transport your vehicles.

Give us a call today!

Keep Your Furniture Clean During a Move

POSTED ON November 24th  - POSTED IN Blog, Furniture, Long Distance Moves, Residential Moves, Storage

Having furniture cleaned can be very pricey. That’s why we like to keep furniture clean during your move! keep your furniture cleanThere’s a few ways to make sure your furniture won’t end up in your new home, dusty and dirty. Believe us, it’s worth the extra cost and effort to make sure you don’t have to bring an upholstery cleaner to your home!

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  • Wrap your furniture in plastic. Make sure you wrap it enough times that it won’t get ripped during the move.
  • Use cloth to cover the parts of your furniture that will touch the side of the truck or vehicle.
  • Purchase cheap drop cloths used for painting to cover couches and chairs.
  • Disassemble furniture as much as possible. The smaller the pieces are, the easier they’ll fit into your vehicle and will be less likely to rub against truck beds or moving van walls.
  • You can also clean a moving truck if you are renting. Give it a quick rub down to make sure there’s not dust and dirt that will transfer to your belongings.


Here at Jones Moving, we will wrap any white furniture for free. We know how important your things are to you and want to get them to your new home in the best condition possible. We also use furniture pads to ensure any sharp corners won’t be damaged during the move. We treat your belongings as if they are our own.

We also have storage available if needed. We know that sometimes you may need to downsize your home and simply can’t take all of your furniture with you. We can assist you in shrink wrapping your furniture so it will remain in great condition for the time it’s in our secure storage facility in Phoenix.

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If you’re looking for a moving service in Phoenix, call us here at Jones Moving & Storage. We’ve been the go-to moving company for years and continue to hire only the most experienced movers and have competitive pricing. We’ll be sure to keep your furniture clean during a move so call us at 602-944-1413 to set up a consultation for your move today!

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