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Scottsdale AZ.: Moving Tips

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Jones Moving & Storage offers Tips for a smooth and stress-free move transition to your new place. With over 30yrs in the moving industry we can help you make an easier transition.

Let our Family move your family, Taking care of one customer at a time.

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You should start looking for professional moving company, about one month before you will be relocating to your new place. Some moving companies get booked up very fast for the first and end of every month. Also, Weekends usually are pretty busy due to many people having weekends off. Summer months are usually the busiest time for moving companies, so give yourself enough time to set up an appointment.  Short notice moves are available in some cases.

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Here is a complete list of carton sizes and uses for each size of box. The most common sizes and uses are:

Packing Supplies  

  • Dishpacks- Dishes, crystal, glassware, large flower arrangements, table lamps
  • Small Boxes– Breakables, books, records, canned food, tools, and Heavy items should always go in to smaller boxes.
  • Medium Boxes– Pots/pans, dry foods, games, toys
  • Large Boxes– Bedding, linens, large toys
  • Wardrobe Cartons– Hanging clothes, shoes and hats. Wardrobe Cartons are brought to your home
  • on the day of the move and are returned when the move is completed.
  • Always use paper bunched up for cushions at the bottom of your box and double wraps every items-Breakable.
  • Always top the box with another topping of paper for cushioning those breakable pieces.
  • Labeling what’s in each box and label what room you want it to go to.
  • For any questions on packing please call 602-944-1413

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Time and Cost Saving Tips

  • Remove glass table tops, marble tops, and mirrors from dressers. (Your movers can create or pad up your glass pieces.)
  • Dismantle beds, remove lamp shades, and wind cords around lamps.
  • Label cartons with destination in new home. Place close to exit at origin house if movers are moving them, but do not block walkways or doorways.
  • Insure clear pathways to exit at origin and entrance at destination.
  • Move cartons, lamps, pictures, glass tops and small pieces yourself.
  • Disable TV and cable wires
  • Take any items such as… documents, prescriptions, plants, breakable, valuable and place them in a safe place, maybe your car so the movers don’t take those items.

Long Distance Moving

Things you need to know when doing a long distance move.

  • Check your Movers US DOT Numbers(Our License numbers is: US DOT #1851763 & MC#670510)
  • Insurance Information or coverage. Most have .60 cents per pound per article. Extra Insurance is available at $10.00 per every thousands with a $500.00 with a deductible through us. You could also check with homeowners insurance or a three party insurance through http://movinginsurance.com
  • Always check out reviews on you long distance  moves or local moves. Check us out at these site below: Your Movers should be listed with Yelp, Google, Angie’s List or BBB.

BBB A+ Rating Scottsdale Moving Services leaders-Jones Moving & Storage





  • Better Business :
    Google Reviews for Jones Moving:https://www.google.com/#q=jones+moving+phoenix,az

      • With our company you will be getting the Owner of Jones Moving- Steve Jones he does all the Out of State Moves. He has over 30yrs experience in the moving industry, we know you will be Very Happy with your Moving Experience. *From Start to Finish*
      • Relocation Specialist:   State to State, North to South, East to West. Your Goods are safe with us, we care for you belonging as of it were our own. We do expediting service, you don’t have to wait one to weeks for our furniture.
      • Place we go often: CA,CO,UT,NM,TX,LA,MO,OK,IN,IL,OH,MI & Etc…


    • Jones Moving Safety Regulations
    • We can handle glass and marble table tops, lamp shades and bases, pictures, mirrors or small electronics if they are not packed by your movers, they will not be responsible for those items, if they break.
    • Clothing and linens may be left in dressers, chests and night stands but books, valuables, jewelry and breakables – such as perfume bottles – must be removed.
    • Refrigerators or freezers may be loaded last and unloaded first. The contents should be placed in coolers just before they are moved. Movers can’t take any food or freezer food.
    • We can disable or reassemble your Beds, Washer & Dryer, but we are not responsible for anything that may go wrong with you items, such as Screws, striping, pluming, pipes, electric and wires.
    • Government regulations prevent us from transporting paints, gasoline, pressurized or toxic materials, firearms, and ammunition or propane tanks. Equipment containing gasoline must be drained before moving
    • If an elevator is involved in your move, please check with your building manager to see if you must have an elevator reservation.
    • We can Dismount & remove any items secured to the wall i.e. artwork, mirrors, window treatments. Movers are not responsible for any of the dismount, rehanging or reinstalling any items that were on the walls.

    These packing & moving tips for moving are provided by Jones Moving to provide an efficient and effective process for the customer as well as the safety of your possessions and our workers.For more information go to our website @ http://jonesmoverz.com

    We would love to have the chance to assisted with your up coming move. CALL TODAY and see How Enjoyable moving can be with our experienced movers. 602-944-1413 

Common Packing Mistake people make

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 Packing mistakes most people make:


  It’s hardly a surprise that with so many things to take care of, the process of moving house often proves toScottsdale Moving Company  Jones Moving and Storage Leaders

  be more complicated than you have originally planned. Add the constantly increasing move related stress

  prior to your moving day, and all of a sudden, you get a highly volatile situation where the number of

  unforced and forced moving errors can easily skyrocket 


To help you have a stress-free move from start to finish, we’re offering you some common mistakes when packing for your move. Stay on track and stay away from the following bad packing mistakes.


1. To start packing without a plan:

One of the most common mistakes when packing for a move is to just start boxing any household items you can find without having a clear packing strategy in your head or written down on a piece of paper. The major problem with packing up your home or apartment is on a random principle is that although it feels like you’ve initiated the most time consuming process a residential move can kindly offer, in reality you’re only wasting precious time. And time is exactly what you don’t have the luxury of wasting when getting ready to move out. The proper course of action here is to create a personal packing checklist which you can check often and stick to in order to increase significantly your packing productivity. Make sure you also prioritize your packing tasks as well to reflect your unique instance of house / apartment relocation.

2. Leaving packing for Moving Day:

Later is such a dangerous word, especially when you’re about to pack up your home for a move. Of all common packing mistakes, a classic example would be to leave most of the packing tasks for later in order to take care of a “more urgent” job.
The thing to understand here is that, regardless of how much time you have left until moving day, the more you tend to put off packing, the harder it will be for you to actually begin the process. Procrastination will lead to stress, stress will lead to panic, and panic will lead to bad decisions. Usually makes the moving process go longer than expected.
Just make sure you remember this fundamental move related concept: the only way to get something done the right way is to start working on it right away. In other words, initiate the arduous packing process the moment your house move is confirmed.

3. Is Sorting your items is a waste of time:

Speaking of common moving mistakes when packing for a move, another problem when moving house is to assume that the required step of sorting household items can be skipped without any serious issues. Of course, there’s a good reason why some people get the impression that they will save a lot of valuable time by packing everything they own now and sorting it out later when they arrive in their new homes.
There’s only one big problem with this line of thinking – it is completely wrong. In reality, such a packing strategy will not only waste more of your time packing more items will require more time/, but it will also hurt your budget badly the more your final shipment weighs, the more money you will pay for its transportation.
So, don’t skip the pre-move sorting task. In the end, you should take with you only the things you will really need in the foreseeable future.

4. Assume Professional Packers are overrated:

There are plenty mistakes to avoid when packing for a move, and assuming that you can do without professional packing materials is probably the most “innocent” error you can ever make during your pre-move preparations.
The main problem is that often a single misjudgment leads to another, and pretty soon you may become confident that you can manage the packing job with just any supplies you can lay your hands on. Which, in turn, will compromise the packing safety of your entire operation.
For example, don’t use cardboard boxes that are visibly in bad shape as they can easily break under the weight of their own contents and cause you major headaches. While acquiring your packing materials, make sure all of them are clean, dry, and sturdy. If you can afford it, do the right thing and purchase most of the required supplies from your local moving company.

5. Will you need an essential box:

 A packing mistake even super smart people make when moving house is to forget that once they place their possessions  into moving containers, they will no longer have access to them until after their shipment is delivered successfully inside  their new homes or apartment. And without convenient access to a number of really essential household items, things can  suddenly become trickier than usual and can become stressful.
Avoid the moving mistake of not packing an essentials box that will contain your absolute life-savers. This is especially  important when you have a baby or a toddler, and a long road trip is scheduled ahead of the family.
Here are a few ideas of what you should consider packing up inside your survival kit: bottled water and sandwiches,  prescription medications, kitchen utensils, spare clothes, basic toiletries, a set of hand tools, toys, documents and specific  items when moving house with small children and/or pets.

6. Overfilling Boxes:

Regardless of what priceless packing tips you’ve read online or heard from friends with considerable moving experience, the worst packing mistakes to avoid at all costs are all connected to safety – safety both for all participants in the move and the actual belongings that are being moved to a new home.
All things considered, spending more money than planned or losing extra hours while placing your stuff inside suitable containers or boxes cannot possible match due to compromised packing safety.
Here’s a quick packing trick that can save you plenty of troubles: use smaller moving boxes for heavy items and bigger boxes for lighter items. Never go the other way round as cardboard boxes and human backs both have breaking limits. Remember to not overfill your packing boxes and keep a reasonable weight limit of single packed boxes of around 40-45 pounds, especially when you’re moving these moving around.

7. Leaving Space in your Moving Boxes:

Another safety related packing mistake that people tend to make is to leave empty spaces in the packed boxes when packing breakable items. This qualifies as a packing error not because the inside of the boxes won’t be fully utilized, but because any available room that is not taken care of through suitable filling and packing materials can cause any fragile objects to come into contact with one another. As a result, such undesirable contacts can only lead to chipped, broken or ruined highly delicate and breakable pieces. So, don’t skimp on protecting and filling supplies! Use crumpled pieces of packing paper or newspapers, as well as sheets of bubble wrap or pieces of old but clean clothing (bath towels are the best!) to fill in any remaining spaces inside a box and  immobilize its contents. A good way to test whether or not you’ve done a good job packing your breakables inside a moving box is to lift the container and shake it gently. If you hear a (muffled) clanking sound or feel that something is moving inside, start over or put more paper in your box.

8. Packing Items you shouldn’t have:

One of the most common packing mistakes when moving house is to prepare certain household goods for transportation only to learn later that your movers won’t load them on their truck due to their hazardous nature. Needless to say, packing non-allowable items will only lead to loads of wasted time and efforts.
Avoid this rookie moving mistake by asking your moving company /http://jonesmoverz.com to  give you the full list of goods forbidden for transportation. Once you have that checklist in your hands, you’ll be able to figure out what to do with each individual item well before your move-out date.
In general, such non-allowable items fall into 4 categories:
Hazardous goods: Propane, flammable, paints, explosive or corrosive substances that can hurt a person or damage the moving vehicle or other possessions in transit.
Perishables: mostly perishable foods that can go bad on the road or ruin other goods.
Pets: it’s up to you to transport your pet(s) safely to your new home.
Plants: your leafy friends can be too fragile to survive a relocation trip.

9. Labeling Boxes;

Are you in the mood to lose hours of valuable post relocation time searching through piles of freshly delivered moving boxes only to find your bedding? We thought so. Interestingly enough, some common packing mistakes when moving house come as a result of overconfidence. A great example of such a moving error will be to assume that you know everything items you packed and will somehow manage to remember what’s inside each box without having to label the containers. Even if you are truly proud of your memorizing skills, it’s good to remember that the chaotic period of moving from one home to another is notorious for playing tricks with people’s minds. Yes, failure to label your boxes correctly is a good example of moving mistakes you don’t have to make. Just take a black marker pen and mark each packed container with its detailed contents, destination room and special handling instructions both for yourself and for your movers. The usage of colored labels for each individual destination room is also encouraged.
Of all the packing mistakes to avoid when moving, the mistake is that you can pack up your entire home on your own is probably the error that can hurt you the most. How much time you will actually need to bring the packing marathon to a successful end will surely depend on how many items you’re planning to take with you and how well you are prepared prior to the initiation of the most time consuming pre-move task of them all.
However, no matter how you look at the tough job ahead, the best way to pack for a move is to have a few extra pairs of helping hands. This way, you are guaranteed that no cardboard box will be left unpacked prior moving day. And while friends are the usual suspects when it comes to relocation assistance, don’t make the ultimate moving mistake of assuming that professional packing services are too expensive to afford. Instead, request a few price estimates from experienced and trustworthy movers, compare them carefully and choose the best one to have a smooth mistake-free house move.

 Give Jones Moving a Call with any Packing or Moving questions, we look forward to helping you make your next move go as smoothly as possible.http://jonesmoverz.com or call 602-944-1413

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Professional Apartment Movers In Scottsdale,AZ

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Welcome to Jones Moving , Our Family Owned & Operated moving company has Served the community for over 30yrs doing Residential, Commercial & Office Moving. We do Local & Long Distance Moving and short notice moving at affordable rates. Our Moving Service is fully Licensed & Insured.

Meeting all your moving needs like…

Experienced Movers with at least 5yrs in the moving business, Apartment Moves, Storage, Condo moving, High End Furniture Moving, Short Notice Moves, Same Rate 7 days, Full Packing service & Unpacking, Warehouse Storage-Climate Control, In-House & Same Complex Moves, Load & Unload Rental  Trucks Pick up & Drop Off Service.

Never charging our customer Extra Fees for.. Heavy Items, Weekends, Long Walks, Stairs, Disassemble, Pianos Moving Safes, Pool tables & Etc..

Moving Truck Sizes: 24ft to 48ft Semi Trailer

The Owner of Jones Moving does all the Out of State Moves With over 30yrs experience we know you will be Very Happy with your Moving Experience. From Start to Finish.

We work hard, fast & careful so you’ll keep coming back and refer us to others.

Give Us a Call Today, We would love to be there to Help You with your Next Move.

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*Our Office Staff is Here for You**>>> 7 Days From 7am – 8pm<<<<

Specialties: High End Furniture Moving, Piano, Gun Safes, Hot Tubs, Pool Table @ (No Extra Cost)

Packing & Unpacking Service is available.

Local & Long Distance Moving in the Valley , Call Jones Moving

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Hiring a Moving Company Questions

Welcome to Jones Moving , Our Family Owned & Operated moving company has Served the community for over 30yrs doing Residential, Commercial & Office Moving. We do Local & Long Distance Moving and short notice moving at affordable rates. Our Moving Service is fully Licensed & Insured.

Meeting all your moving needs like…

Experienced Movers with at least 5yrs in the moving business. We strive to give all of our customer the best possible experience on a very stressful day. We enjoy what we do and it shows with every move to do. From Apartment Moves, Storage, Condo moving, High End Furniture Moving, Short Notice Moves, Same Rate 7 days, Full Packing service & Unpacking, In-House & Same Complex Moves, Load & Unload Rental  Trucks Pick up & Drop Off Service. Our Warehouse Storage is Climate Control at very reasonable rates and 24 hour Security System.

Why do moving companies charge extra for? Heavy Items, Weekends, Long Walks, Stairs, Disassemble, Pianos Moving Safes, Pool tables & Etc.. The Answer is… The companies are usually lower in hourly rates and the need to make extra money to cover there labor rates and truck cost. Most of the cheaper moving companies are not insurance to protect you from any damages.We believe that is just ridiculous,because most people that are hiring moving company need help with those items.
We have all size  Moving Truck for all you needs from  24ft to 48ft Semi Trailer

The Owner of Jones Moving does all the Out of State Moves With over 30yrs experience we know you will be Very Happy with your Moving Experience. From Start to Finish.

We work hard, fast & careful so you’ll keep coming back and refer us to others.

P.S. Ask about us about helpful Ideas for making your moving process go smoother.
Give Us a Call Today, We would love to be there to Help You with your Next Move.

6o2-944-1413 * 480-946-6683

*Our Office Staff is Here for You**>>> 7 Days From 7am – 8pm<<<<

Specialties: High End Furniture Moving, Piano, Gun Safes, Hot Tubs, Pool Table @ (No Extra Cost)

Packing & Unpacking Service is available.

Items Moving Companies Won’t Transport & Why

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While we are willing to take the majority of your items to your new home, there are some things we don’t recommend giving tomoving companies won't transport a moving company and some things that we simply won’t move. It’s important to check with your specific moving company to get to know their policies better, but as a general rule these are the items you shouldn’t expect your moving company to transport.

Things you should transport yourself, but we will transport at your own risk:

 *   Photo albums
  • Money
  • Checkbooks
  • Jewelry
  • Financial Documents
  • Medical records
  • Medication
  • Car Keys
  • Personal mementos
  • Open top boxes
  • Large Pottery
While most companies will insure your belongings in the event that they were damaged during the move, we advise you to transport irreplaceable items yourself. Here at Jones Moving & Storage, we will transport your personal memorabilia, but it’s at your own risk. While companies may compensate you for lost or damaged goods, it won’t get back your memories.

Things we will not transport:

  • Explosives
  • Chemicals/Acids
  • Flammable items
  • Weapons
  • http://jonesmoverz.blogspot.com/

5 Things to Clean in your New Home Before Bringing in your Things

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105942763Finding a new home in Phoenix, AZ can be such an exciting adventure. When you find the right home and begin the packing and moving phase, the prospect of starting fresh in a new space brings added motivation and added joy to the transition. Packing your belongings, clearing out your old place and getting moved into the new place are all big items on the moving to-do list, but we always recommend taking some time to prepare your new house or apartment before having your belongings moved in. Here is a list of 5 things to clean in your new home before bringing in your things. Doing these things is sure to set you up for a clean, fresh start in your new place.

Closets and Cabinets

Although closets and cabinets are some of the most frequently accessed spots in a home, they are often overlooked on the house cleaning and upkeep list. Take time to wipe out all cabinets, drawers and closets in your new home. Dust off shelves and consider laying clean shelf paper. Cupboards, closets and cabinets should be spotless before you bring in your clothing, dishes, food and other daily essentials.

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Although some previous owners and tenants will clean carpets and floors before moving out, we strongly suggest deep cleaning carpets and floors before moving into your new home. Once you move in furniture and other belongings, it is difficult to ever get a complete, thorough cleaning done on floors. Take advantage of the empty areas and clear floors before having your belongings moved in. You can steam clean on your own or hire a company that specializes in cleaning various types of flooring. Knowing the floors are spic and span will bring peace of mind and an added measure of purity and brightness to your home.

Fixtures and Appliances

Some of the biggest dust and grime collectors in a house are fixtures and appliances. Ceiling fans, built-in lighting, washers, dryers, kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures are all items you should deep clean before transporting your personal things into your home. After all, you want to be rid of any old dust or germs before bringing in your things and starting to make your new house feel like home.

Walls and Interior Trim

A fresh coat of paint can make a house feel fresh and clean, but any marks, stains or dust left on the walls should be wiped clean to give you a clear canvas to start with. Baseboards and trim should be dusted and cleaned off and switch plates and vent covers can be replaced to give your home an updated and sparkling clean feel before moving in.

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Letting the Phoenix sunlight and fresh air in through your windows is a great way to brighten the atmosphere at any new home. To avoid clouded views or letting in more dust, you will want clean and clear panes before moving into your space. Clearing out window tracks, wiping down windows and cleaning blinds and other window treatments are all cleaning details that should not be overlooked.

Enhance the feel of your fresh start by making sure you clean in your new home before bringing in your belongings. Spending some time cleaning closets, floors, fixtures, walls and windows will ensure you and your family make your move into a dust-free home you can start to make your own.

For more moving tips or for help getting moved into your new home, please give us a call at 602-944-1413.

3 Tips to Make the Moving Process Faster

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MovingWhile the idea of moving to a new home or office is definitely exciting, the actual act of moving is quite the opposite. In fact, many people will say that the moving experience is one of the most stressful experiences they have ever been through. So it is no wonder that when moving day arrives, most people are looking to get the process done as quickly as possible.

Here are 3 tips to make the moving process go faster:


1. Preparation and Organization

The more prepared you are before the move happens, the faster you will be finished and enjoying your new home. This means starting 30 to 60 days out by making plans on how you want the move to go. You will need to spend some time organizing your home or your office, identifying items that will not be making the move packing up items that are not used frequently.

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Develop a game plan ahead of time on how the move will happen. Make sure you have friends and family on board to help you and then schedule out how the moving will go in advance. Make assignments when necessary to keep everyone on task and working efficiently.

2. Do Not Wait to Pack

Some people hold off on packing their belongings until the very last minute. Then they are left scrambling to try and get things done in time. They often underestimate just how much time is spent packing boxes.

Start packing early on. As we mentioned before, you can always start by packing the items around your home that are not used frequently. If you are moving in the next 30 days, it is probably okay to pack up your board games and your DVD collection. Even some decorations and art can be packed a few weeks before the move. You will find that everyone involved in your move will be much happier if you have your items packed come moving day.

3. Keep Your Movers Informed

The better you communicate with your moving company, the smoother things will go on moving day. Start by giving them an accurate idea of what items they will be moving. This will allow them to prepare the right equipment and provide the right amount of manpower.

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Additionally, be sure to let your movers know about any other special considerations, such as elevators and staircases that may be part of the move. Movers also need to know if you are planning on them disassembling furniture or packing boxes. These small details can all add up quickly and make the day drag out.

As you prepare for your upcoming move, call Jones Moving at 602-944-1413 for more tips and ideas on how to make your move efficient. We are happy to provide you with a quote for our services and help you form a game plan for moving day.


Taking Good Care of Pets During a Move

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CrateWe may not realize that moving can be just as stressful for our pets as it is for us. They can sense the chaos that comes during the packing up stage and may feel some anxiety as they settle in at their new home. We are not able to have a conversation with them to help them understand why all of this is happening, so our actions definitely speak louder than words.

Taking good care of pets during a move requires a few extra steps, but can make a big difference to them. There are some things we can do as pet owners to make sure our pets feel as little stress as possible before, during and after a move.

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1. Choosing a New Home

If your pet is a big part of your life and you are definitely planning on having your pet with you for a while, then it is probably a good idea to make sure your new home will accommodate them as well as you. This might include checking out the neighborhood to make sure it is safe for your pet or choosing a home with adequate space for you, your family and your pet. You may even want to consider the age of your pet and how that will affect its needs.

2. Preparing for the Move

Before moving with your pet, you will want to be sure you are properly prepared. If it is a long distance move or involves an extreme change in climate, you may want to consult with your vet about any outstanding shots that may need to take place before the move. This might also be a good time to talk to the vet about car sickness medications for your pet.  For those driving long distances, find hotels along the way that are pet friendly. Be sure to have all ID tags and health records ready to go.

3. Moving Day

In the chaos and confusion of moving day, the last thing you want to do is risk injury to your pet by letting them roam free. With movers and other people in and out of the house, it can cause fear in some pets. Keep them in a secured crate or room until you are ready to move them. This will reduce stress and keep them safe.

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4. Carriers and Crates

It is best to transport smaller animals in a safe and secure carrier or crate. Make sure the carrier is well ventilated and designed for pets. Larger animals should be kept on leashes and close to the owner at all times. The stress of the move can cause some pets to run away. Keep your pet close by at all times during a move. Do not transport pets in the storage area of a moving van or truck.

For more questions about moving with a pet, call Jones Moving at 602-944-1413.


The Ultimate Moving Checklist

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Moving Checklist Moving day can sneak up on you in a hurry! No matter how well you feel you are prepared, it seems like there is almost always something that is overlooked. Packing up all of your possessions and prepping your furniture for a move is huge project and unless you are prepared, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Jones Moving has helped hundreds of people move in the past and have seen what works and what does not work. We put together this Ultimate Moving Checklist to help you as you prepare for your move.

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Two Months to “M-Day”

·      Alert friends and family that you are moving

·      Take inventory of what things will make the move and what will not

·      If your children are changing schools, now is a good time to let both schools know

·      Begin to clean out storage areas at your house

·      Identify items that will not be going with you

·      This is a great time to have a moving sale or garage sale

One Month to “M-Day”

·      Complete and submit change of address forms

·      Set up a box or file specifically for medical or school records

·      Now is the time to notify your landlord if you are renting

·      List any vehicles that need to be sold

·      Get boxes, tape and other packing materials ready to go

·      Start infrequently used items such as camping gear and seasonal clothing

1-2 Weeks

·      Begin to make arrangements for the transportation of family pets

·      Redirect mail to new address through Post Office

·      Pack up kitchen items that are not essential for the next week

·      Have your children box up majority of their toys

·      Books, DVD collections, board games can be packed

·      Pack up linen closet and laundry room – leave only essentials

5 Days

·      Finalize arrangements for the disconnection of utilities such as cable, internet, water, electricity

·      Check to make sure your new home will be ready for you with working utilities, phone, cable, electricity

·      Cancel deliveries of newspapers

·      Be sure to return all rented items such as movies or library books

·      Take down all wall hangings and artwork and prepare them for move

·      Organize and prepare outdoor furniture

·      Finish packing garage and storage

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3 Days to “M-Day”

·      Disconnect and pack all small appliances that will not be used (oven toasters, mixers)

·      Dispose of unwanted medicine

Take any valuable & breakable out of Dresser

Empty your Desk

·      Empty trash cans

·      Bedrooms should be mostly packed besides the basics

·      Clean out bathrooms

1 Day to “M-Day”

·      Disconnect all electronics that won’t be used (Blu-ray players, stereos, computers)

·      Begin cleaning out refrigerator

·      Defrost freezer

·      All kitchen cabinets should be empty and dishes packed


·      Be ready for movers

·      Keep all important documents with you

·      Make sure all utilities are turned off

·      Check that windows are locked

·      Do Final walk through with the Movers to make sure nothing is left behind

The best part about using an experienced professional moving company like Jones Movers is that we are there to help alleviate the stress on moving day. You can rely on our high quality service to get you and your possessions safely to your new home.


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