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Is your business relocating? Need moving service in Arizona?

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We can accommodate you with the proper moving techniques used by our expert Arizona movers!

Why choose Jones Moving & Storage?

Licensed and insured US DOT # 1851763 & MC #670510


Corporate Moves ARIZONA. 

Our movers and installation crews are very knowledgeable in helping you with handling your move, making it a less stressful, more enjoyable moving experience.

Each person involved with your office relocation is a Jones Moving employee, not a third-party contractors.



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First Rate Phoenix moving Company

Do you need interstate moving services in Arizona?

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Long distant Phoenix Moving Service is just a phone call away!

Arizona Moves to Chicago, New York, Miami, L.A., Las Vegas,

Boise, Portland, New Mexico, Texas, all USA cities.

Get a Quick Quote Now! (602)944-1413

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We travel safe with professional

movers who take pride in what we do!

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Arizona Family Owned Moving Company!


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Do you need same day moving service from Arizona to Cal, Nevada, Tucson or Flagstaff?

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Arizona moving services for only $75 per hour and 2 Arizona Moving Experts.

Some next day delivery to California, Las Vegas, NV, Tucson and Flagstaff

Special Handling such as high-value artwork, fragile items, Antiques, Heirlooms, pianos and more…




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Are you moving from Arizona?

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Get A Free Quote For Scottsdale Moving Services.

Call Jones Moving & Storage, Scottsdale Arizona.

Arizona moving services for only $75 per hour and 2 Arizona Moving Experts.


Apartment moves Scottsdale, AZ,

Residential Move, local or long distant.


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Do You Need Relocation Assisance?

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Get all of your questions answered with a patient business owner who wants your business not your money!

Get quality customer service by calling Candice at 602-944-1413.

We have trained professional moving crews who won’t stop till the job gets done RIGHT!

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Phoenix Commercial Moving Quotes

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Get a honest moving Quote Today!

A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau


Business moves at accurate pricing, give us a call TODAY!

Scottsdale Moverz

Low Cost Arizona Movers!

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Year End Moving Quotes SAVE MONEY!

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        Jones Moving Company 

First Rate Moving Company for Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona!

Local, Long Distance, Apartments, Residential and Commercial Moves

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Best Moving Company in Phoenix, AZ.

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Discover the best moving company in the Valley!

In previous blogs, we talked about why you may need to hire a professional moving company and why its a smart choice. Specifically, what types of questions to ask your movers to ensure you’re working with the best moving company in your area. I’m going to help you make a great choice for you on your moving day.

Question 1: How long has the moving company been in business?
This question will give you an idea of their expertise and track record. It’s important to hire a moving company that has been in the business more than a year and knows how to deal with all sorts of furniture. Such as oversize furniture, high end furniture, antiques, baby grand pianos, pool tables, gun safes, hot tubs and any of your packing needs.


Question 2: Can they provide client testimonials?
Testimonials and reviews are a great way to evaluate a business. A company that can’t provide any positive reviews, referrals, either online or on paper, is a company you should be wary of.

Question 3: Are they licensed?
All licensed moving companies that travel long distance should have a US DOT number which is issued by the Department of Transportation.  This shows that they’re a reputable moving company.
Here is our US DOT # 1851753
Question 4: Are they Insured?
Knowing that your moving company is insured will give you a peace of mind. Not only should your moving company have truck insurance, they should have a general liability policy to cover any property damage, both of these policy are extremely important to have. Keep in mind the state only requires moving companies to carry .60 cents per pound per article. Your movers should offer you some sort of moving insurance with a third party for extra coverage. Here is information on a third party company http://movinginsurance.com

While there are other considerations to take in account, these four questions are the most important.
They will give you an good idea about the companies reputation and character. Hiring a moving company that you feel confident in and can trust to handle your most precious belongings is absolutely crucial. Don’t settle for a company that’s cheap. Spend a little extra for a company that you can be sure to get the job done right with no damages.

Phoenix Moving







Give us a Call 7days a week from 7am to 7pm we are here to help you make a smooth transition to your new place.
Let our family help your family. 602-944-1413 http://jonesmoverz.com

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High End Furniture moves Phoenix

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Do YOU Need Qualified Movers to move your High End or Unique Pieces of Furniture?

There are many options to consider when hiring a professional moving company. If you

have expensive or oversized furniture you need to deal with experienced movers that

are knowledgeable in your moving needs. You don’t just want to hire your average

moving company to move your  Baby Grand Piano , Gun Safe, Antiques, Hot Tubs,

Pool Tables, Side by side refrigerators & Oversized Furniture. Some of the moving

companies charge extra for all of the above pieces. We don’t believe in extra fees for

unique pieces of furniture, that should be covered in your hourly rate. So beware of those crazy fees.

First Rate moving and storage in all of Arizona

So you need to check references and check the BBB. see the link to our BBB Review page



You need to hire a real moving company, not one that does a little of everything such as painting, pluming, yard work & etc. That isn’t a real moving company.
We at Jones Moving have been serving the community for over 30 yrs and are very knowledgeable in all types of move.

We even hoist large pieces of furniture over balcony’s that are oversized.

We are here 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm to answer all you questions on moving services or packing services.
Call us today you won’t regret it!! 602-944-1413

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Cheap Moving Companies in Phoenix, AZ.

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Arizona Top Movers-Jones Moving Company 602-944-1413



Things you need to know when looking for Movers!


There are many options when you start searching for a local moving company or long

distance movers. So your question is how do I know where to start to find a good,

dependable, reasonable priced mover.
Well, there are three categories of moving companies. I’m going to set your mind

at ease ,by giving you some important information.


Cheap Movers: 

Looking for a cheap local movers, here is what you need to know and need to ask yourself

or the movers. If you are hiring a Moving Company that is charging $35.00 per hour for 2-men

or $49.99 per hour for 3-men, it usually too good to be true.
They usually charge extra fee’s which always ends up costing more money in the end.

If you do the math for the labor, truck fee, gas and insurance, there wouldn’t be enough money

for that company to stay in business. So many if these companies charge extra for stairs,

heavy items, Shrink wrap, fuel charges, mileage and many more that could end up costing more

than if you would have went with a reparable professional moving company.
When hiring a Licensed Professional Moving Company you will pay less in the end.

They usually get done a lot faster with no damages.
They usually don’t have a truck and you would need to rent a truck for them to move you.
Most of the companies are not on Google Maps or Yelp and Some of these companies on

Craigslist have changed their name, due to bad reviews.

Cheap Long Distance Movers:

There are a lot of moving companies that say they do

long distance moves , but in realty they usually sub it out to a third party company.

When the third party gets there they can change the price since you didn’t ever talk

with them about your move. Which will put you in a big bind ,since you need to move

on short notice. So you need to ask the company doing your move, will your

company be the ones moving me or another company. Also, Ask them to email the  quote

so you have something to go by when the movers show on loading day.


Mid Price Movers & Family Owned:


Most mid price movers are family owned or individually owned and they take

great pride in there business. These company want to keep a good reputation

in the community and are licensed and insured to protect you and them self.

They will provide the truck, tools, dollies, pads, experienced movers with

background checks. They usually don’t have hidden charges for stairs,

heavy items, mileage fee, tape & etc..
Average rates are 2-men @ $65.00 per hour and 3-men @ $100.00 per hour + travel time
On the onsite estimate you will usually get one of the owners that would

do your estimate which is good ,because they have knowledge in what it

take to do the move.
Long distance moves: Some companies do work with the third party

companies so do your homework.
The Owner of our company does all of our long distance moves and he

has been in this business for over 30 yrs. He loves his job and it show with all his happy customers.


baby grand piano padded up for Phoenix Moves

Phoenix Moving in action-Jones Moving Company







Van line Moving company & Franchise Movers:

The Big companies and franchise company are usually high by the hour for local moves due to

the large overhead, such as salesmen and office staff that helps ran the company and high pay

scales and health plans. For the most part the movers have to get certified by getting trained

by there own training team. The estimators are salesmen and have never even done a local or

long distance job. They are usually high pressure salesman  for the customer to book on the spot.
Long distance moves are done by owner operators, which usually have to contract help at either

end for loading and unloading.  The driver is paid a flat rate and they have to pay there own labor

and expenses.


With all of the information you will need to check on your movers at the

BBB for reviews that will make you feel comfortable and trustworthy to

choose the right company for you.
If there is anything we can help you with please Call us 7 days a Week.

Call TODAY! (602)944-1413

or visit our website: http://jonesmoverz.com


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