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Do you need a boat Transported from Arizona?

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Low Cost Arizona Boat Transport Services

Call Jones Moving Company for Boat Transport Prices in Arizona. We do boat shipping from Arizona to any other state.

Call us for reliable Boat Transport. 602-944-1413


Phoenix Boat Transport Service

Phoenix Moving Services

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Packing Like A Pro for YOU!

Jones Moving Company Specializes in all types of moves!

Phoenix and Scottsdale residential, commercial moves, apartment moving services and more.

With our 30 years moving expert Steve Jones training our staff you can always count on getting moving professionals to do your move for you.

We are family owned and operated.

We cover the valley with residential and commercial moves. Give us a call TODAY! 603-944-1413

Phoenix Moving Company at low prices.


Phoenix Packing Service, Jones Moving Company






Trip Advisor Scottsdale

Low Cost Moving Services

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Phoenix Movers at Low Price!

Do you want Low cost Moving Services for your upcoming move?

Let’s face it not all moving companies are going to give you the same service.

Choosing the right moving company can be a complete hassle so you owe it to yourselves to give us a call at

Jones Moving Company. Candice the owner is standing by for your call Right Now!

Call Candice Jones at 602-944-1413 to discuss your moving schedule.

You can find us on







Best prices for local, long distance interstate moves.

Phoenix Moving in action-Jones Moving CompanyJones Moving Company Phoenixbaby grand piano padded up for Phoenix Moves

Scottsdale Relocating Experts

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Do You Want an Arizona Moving Company that can be your single source for relocating?

We do it all! Packing, wrapping, crating, loading, storage and Auto transporting.

Better Business Bureau Rates us A+

Our master Moving Leader Steve Jones is co-owner with his wife Candice.

Steve has 30 years Moving Experience and that makes him an expert.

Scottsdale Moving Company  Jones Moving Company Scottsdale



Phoenix Moving Leaders

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If your in need of a trustworthy moving company in Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ.,

Call Jones Moving Company for low cost moving services.

Get A free, No Obligation QUOTE TODAY! Call 602-944-1413

Apartment Moves,

Residential Moves,

Corporate Moves,

Local Moves,

Long Distant Moves plus

Phoenix Auto Transport



Do you need a Spring Moving Quote in Phoenix?

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Call us for Phoenix and Scottsdale moving services.

Get A Spring Moving Quote from a Arizona Moving company

you can definitely count on, Call Jones Moving & Storage at 602-944-1413

We offer Phoenix spring moves at the lowest cost and best service!

USA Moving Experts – Jones Moving Company

 $75 hr.(2) Moving Experts and a truck!

Our Professional Arizona Movers are available Right NOW!



Scottsdale Moving Company  Jones Moving Company Scottsdale

Visiting Arizona

Getting ready to move?

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Moving Soon?

moving day in Phoenix or Scottsdale

So many things to think about when getting ready to move to your new place.

Like should I move myself or hire a professional moving company. If your move yourself you will need to rent a truck and get equipment such as pads, tools, dollies, tie downs and helpers. Not to mention gas and insurance for the rental truck.
Transfer electric service, & water service, switch mail service.
Find a babysitter or animal care for moving day.

Do you value your belongings?

Hopefully your answer is “yes” and if so, you should really consider hiring professionals to move your belongings for you. Professional movers like Jones Moving & Storage know how to properly pack each and every item you own to ensure its safe arrival. You can count on us to treat your belongings with the utmost care and consideration.
A good moving company will simplify the moving process for you and take out all of the work, stress and headache associated with it. Hiring a moving company will allow you to concentrate on what’s important: your new place and the fun ways you’re going to decorate.
We’ve here to move you local or long distance.

Jones Moving is here 7 days a week to answer all of your moving questions and to schedule your next move. 602-944-1413


Scottsdale Moving Company  Jones Moving Company Scottsdale


Moving Company On Short Notice in Phoenix, AZ.

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Arizona Top Movers-Jones Moving Company 602-944-1413



Last minute and you realize you don’t have your Movers Scheduled?

Many things come up when your getting ready to move out and in to your move place and you realizes you forgot to book a reputable moving company. Or realized the moving company you hired isn’t coming to move you today. Well in most cases we can help you with this problem.
Some moving services charge extra for last minute moves,

We Don’t Charge Extra for short notice moves or crazy fees like for stairs, heavy items, weekends, wardrobes rental or Hoist over balcony.
Keep away from those kinds of moving companies you will pay more in the end.

We specialize in all kinds of move. Single Item or Complete Home and Office moves
Packing and Unpacking service ! All furniture is Professional Wrapping and Padded up on the truck or in your home.


Jones Moving, Phoenix leaders in quality movesWe Are Skilled and Equipped to Safely Transport just about anything, including:
High End Furniture, Antiques, Armoires, Sofas, Futons, Chaises, Desks, Tables, TV Stands, Chairs, Dressers, Hutches, Buffets, Bookshelves, Stoves, Fridges, Washers, Dryers, File Cabinets, Boxes, Exercise Equipment, Arcade Games, Pinball, BBQ’s, Odd Items, Big Screen TVs…
Residential/Office Moves,
We Pick-up from Furniture/Appliance Stores and we can deliver to your home, office, and storage  We also Load & Unload Rental Trucks and Pods,

No Job Too Big or Too Small ,Quality Work, Flexible Hours, Great Rates

Liability & Cargo Insurance
I hope all this information has been helpful to you and we guarantee you won’t  regret this short notice move.

We have served the community for over 30 yrs and it shows, with every move we do.

We are ready to help you on short notice, with our Highly Trained, Experienced Movers for All of your Moving Needs!

Call 602-944-1413 or visit http://jonesmoverz.com

Scottsdale Moving Company  Jones Moving Company Scottsdale

Best time to relocate for your local or long distance move

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Arizona Top Movers-Jones Moving Company 602-944-1413



Looking for the Best possible rate for your Local Move or Long Distance Move?

Spring and Summer Moving:
Well, spring & summer moving is the highest time for the average person relocated for a lot of reasons.
The kids are out of school and it make it easier to move when your not worrying about changing schools in the middle of the school year. Weather is usually better. Many people use there vacation time to move as well.
The Downside is there is a big demand for the moving industry which causes most moving company to charge premium rates. Also, sometimes hard to get a moving date, due to the demand. You would need to schedule your move about a month in advance for in most cases ,especially if you want a weekend.
Note: There are a lot of companies that charges higher rates on the weekends year round.

We Don’t Charge Extra on Weekends!

Winter / Fall Moving:
Fall & Winter is a great time to move for a lot of reasons. The first reason is the weather is cooler in the west states. For local moves you can usually get a cheaper hourly rate and its much easier to schedule a move on short notice. For the long distance rates they can vary because its a slower time of year for the out of state moves, which means the moving companies don’t travel as much and if you have a small shipment and the company isn’t heading in your direction it could cost more. If you have a normal size move, like household furniture  & a Car you can get a good flat rate for your long distance move.
Downside for Local or long distance from the Mideast & East State weather could be a big factor on your move.

We hope all this information will help make your next move much easier. If you have a questions on your future move Please call us 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm!
Our rates are the Same 7days a week. 602-944-1413 or
 visit our website @ http://jonesmoverz.com

Scottsdale Moving Company  Jones Moving Company Scottsdale

Phoenix Arizona Packing Service DISCOUNT!

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Limited Time Discount!

CALL NOW! (602)944-1413

Receive $50.00 off Packing service only.
Packing must be over $300.00

Claim Offer by calling

Jones Moving Company,

Phoenix Arizona Movers.

11398 N Cave Creek Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85020


moving during summer

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