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Long Distance Moving Specials

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Phoenix and Scottsdale luxury relocation services

Dependable high end furniture moving

We offer short notice moves

Scottsdale to Phoenix, Flagstaff to Phoenix, Scottsdale to Prescott, Prescott to Scottsdale, Phoenix to Scottsdale, Scottsdale to Flagstaff, Phoenix to Flagstaff apartment moves, residential, commercial.


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Getting ready to Move?

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So many things to think about when getting ready to move to your new place.
Like should I move myself or hire a professional moving company. If your move yourself you will need to rent a truck and get equipment such as pads, tools, dollies, tie downs and helpers. Not to mention gas and insurance for the rental truck.
Transfer electric service, & water service, switch mail service.
Find a babysitter or animal care for moving day.

Do you  value your belongings?
Hopefully your answer is “yes” and if so, you should really consider hiring professionals to move your belongings for you. Professional movers like Jones Moving & Storage know how to properly pack each and every item you own to ensure its safe arrival. You can count on us to treat your belongings with the utmost care and consideration.
A good moving company will simplify the moving process for you and take out all of the work, stress and headache associated with it. Hiring a moving company will allow you to concentrate on what’s important: your new place and the fun ways you’re going to decorate.
We’ve here to move you local or long distance.

Jones Moving is here 7 days a week to answer all of your moving questions and to schedule your next move. 602-944-1413


First Rate Phoenix moving Company

Trip Advisor Scottsdale

Best Moving Company Phoenix AZ.

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How can you find the best moving company in your area?

CLICK ON LINK How can you find the Best Moving Company in your area?

  • First you should go to the Better Business Bureau, Check out the ratings on moving companies.

  • Also Check other sites, like Angie’s List, Google, & Yelp reviews

  • Check to see how long your movers have been in business.

  • Check to see if your movers are  Licensed and Insured for your protection. Most Moving Companies offer .60 cents per pound per article. You can also get more insurance though http://movinginsurance.com

  • Ask about the crew that will be assisting with your move. Like do you hire day labors or is your staff employed by your company? This can get tricky , because most companies will never tell you they hire day labors.

  • Ask your friends and family for referrals

  • What type of truck they will be using? This is really important for many reasons. If your moving a large home, you will need a large truck – semi trailer to accommodate your furniture. Even if you have oversized furniture you still may need a semi truck.

We hope some of these helpful tips well help you choose the right moving company.
Give us a Call at Jones Moving & Storage to book your next Move @ 602-944-1413
visit our website @ http://jonesmoverz.com

Jones Moving & Storage Owners Steve and Candice Jones invite you to call for Superior Pricing. 602-944-1413


BBB A+ Rating Scottsdale Moving Services leaders-Jones Moving & Storage

Professional Moving Service Scottsdale

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Today’s date Feb. 11th, 2018

Perfect time to get a Moving Quote

Where are you moving too?

Call 602-944-1413 for our Sunday Special Price!


Jones Moving & Storage

Scottsdale Moving Services 602-944-1413Jones Moving & Storage Owners Steve and Candice Jones invite you to call for Superior Pricing. 602-944-1413



Residential Moves Phoenix

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Need a quick moving quote in Phoenix?

We offer residential moves at the lowest prices without giving up quality.

Contact Candice Jones TODAY! Please call us at Jones moving & Storage,

Your Phoenix Arizona Moving Leaders. 602-944-1413


First Rate Phoenix moving Company

Auto Delivery Service

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Cheap Car Transport

Are you needing an Automobile Transported to another state from Arizona?

We can help you from any areas in the Valley.

Phoenix and Scottsdale Auto Shipping Service at 602-944-1413

Get A Quote TODAY! Jones Moving & Storage




Jones Moving & Storage Owners Steve and Candice Jones invite you to call for Superior Pricing. 602-944-1413 Phoenix and Scottsdale Auto TransportLong Distance Auto Transport Phoenix and Scottsdale- Jones Moving & Storage

Corporate Relocation

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Corporate Moving Services

Phoenix Business Moves

Scottsdale Best relocation moving experts.

Visit our website at


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Priority Moving Services

Do you need Quick Moving Service?

Some next day delivery to California, Las Vegas, NV, Tucson and Flagstaff

Special Handling such as high-value artwork, fragile items, Antiques, Heirlooms, pianos and more


Trip Advisor Scottsdale Jones Moving & Storage Owners Steve and Candice Jones invite you to call for Superior Pricing. 602-944-1413

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