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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

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Moving Checklist Moving day can sneak up on you in a hurry! No matter how well you feel you are prepared, it seems like there is almost always something that is overlooked. Packing up all of your possessions and prepping your furniture for a move is huge project and unless you are prepared, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Jones Moving has helped hundreds of people move in the past and have seen what works and what does not work. We put together this Ultimate Moving Checklist to help you as you prepare for your move.

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Two Months to “M-Day”

·      Alert friends and family that you are moving

·      Take inventory of what things will make the move and what will not

·      If your children are changing schools, now is a good time to let both schools know

·      Begin to clean out storage areas at your house

·      Identify items that will not be going with you

·      This is a great time to have a moving sale or garage sale

One Month to “M-Day”

·      Complete and submit change of address forms

·      Set up a box or file specifically for medical or school records

·      Now is the time to notify your landlord if you are renting

·      List any vehicles that need to be sold

·      Get boxes, tape and other packing materials ready to go

·      Start infrequently used items such as camping gear and seasonal clothing

1-2 Weeks

·      Begin to make arrangements for the transportation of family pets

·      Redirect mail to new address through Post Office

·      Pack up kitchen items that are not essential for the next week

·      Have your children box up majority of their toys

·      Books, DVD collections, board games can be packed

·      Pack up linen closet and laundry room – leave only essentials

5 Days

·      Finalize arrangements for the disconnection of utilities such as cable, internet, water, electricity

·      Check to make sure your new home will be ready for you with working utilities, phone, cable, electricity

·      Cancel deliveries of newspapers

·      Be sure to return all rented items such as movies or library books

·      Take down all wall hangings and artwork and prepare them for move

·      Organize and prepare outdoor furniture

·      Finish packing garage and storage

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3 Days to “M-Day”

·      Disconnect and pack all small appliances that will not be used (oven toasters, mixers)

·      Dispose of unwanted medicine

Take any valuable & breakable out of Dresser

Empty your Desk

·      Empty trash cans

·      Bedrooms should be mostly packed besides the basics

·      Clean out bathrooms

1 Day to “M-Day”

·      Disconnect all electronics that won’t be used (Blu-ray players, stereos, computers)

·      Begin cleaning out refrigerator

·      Defrost freezer

·      All kitchen cabinets should be empty and dishes packed


·      Be ready for movers

·      Keep all important documents with you

·      Make sure all utilities are turned off

·      Check that windows are locked

·      Do Final walk through with the Movers to make sure nothing is left behind

The best part about using an experienced professional moving company like Jones Movers is that we are there to help alleviate the stress on moving day. You can rely on our high quality service to get you and your possessions safely to your new home.


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