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Top 5 Moving Hacks

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movingNobody understands the importance of saving time and making life easier during a move more than Jones Moving & Storage. We know that your loved ones, your belongings and your location are huge parts of what make up your life. Packing and relocating can be stressful, but we’re excited to share the top 5 moving hacks to save time, money and energy in the process.

Keeping Essentials Separate

Before you dive into sorting through closets or filling up boxes, make sure to pack a suitcase containing a few days worth of clothing and toiletries for each member of the household. Setting aside some extra clothes will help you feel prepared no matter how the timing of the final move works out and will ensure that nothing vital gets packed away. Also, create a few “essentials” boxes containing any must-haves for the bathroom and kitchen so that your immediate needs will be met the first night or two at your new home.

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Boxes & Containers

The boxes and containers you pack your belongings in need to be clean and sturdy. The last thing you want to worry about is damage to your items because of pre-used boxes that might be ripped, damaged or messy. One benefit to hiring a moving team like Jones Moving & Storage is that we use only best in packing and shipping materials to ensure your items remain clean, safe and secure. If you do opt to pack up on your own, you might consider purchasing clear plastic containers, which are more sturdy than cardboard and also make contents easy to identify. If you do use plastic containers or totes make sure you tape the containers all the way around the container. If you pack in Boxes, make sure you put lots of paper on the box and top off the boxes with paper to protect the items in the box. Tape the box bottom well so it doesn’t open on the movers.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

When going through your possessions, consider downsizing or donating any old items to local charities or homeless shelters. You can also use some household items as wrapping or filler for fragile items as you pack. For example, instead of wrapping dishes in bubble wrap, why not use towels or linens to wrap them in? That way, you save space and reduce waste!


How many of us have run into a container in the back of a closet or garage and wondered what in the world could be inside of that box? Or, how about when you get to that last half of the unpacking process and suddenly the kitchen boxes and the holiday boxes are all in the same area that was originally designated for the boxes containing the kids old toys and clothing? That’s when you wish you had taken the time to label your containers clearly and durably. Color coding, using clear language and keywords, and labeling on multiple sides of each container are all worth the effort up front and will save you so much time in the long run.

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Ask For Help

If we could leave you with just one piece of advice, it would be this: you don’t have to do it on your own! Call your family, text some friends, post it on Facebook or invite your neighbors over. Think about providing some snacks or lunch as a way to thank them for their help and make it into a day of fun. Don’t forget, you can always reach out to Jones Moving & Storage. We have a team of experienced, professional and friendly movers in your area that are ready to help take the stress out of your move!


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Jones Moving & Storage is a family owned and operated business led by Steve and Candice Jones. Steve started working in the moving business when he was sixteen years old in Birmingham, Michigan. After realizing moving was his passion, he made it his goal to be the best in the industry. Steve and Candice fell in love with Arizona during one of their cross country moving jobs and wisely decided to make Phoenix their home and expand Jones Moving to Arizona. Jones Moving & Storage takes pride in their business and the personal relationships they have built throughout the years.
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