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Taking Good Care of Pets During a Move

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CrateWe may not realize that moving can be just as stressful for our pets as it is for us. They can sense the chaos that comes during the packing up stage and may feel some anxiety as they settle in at their new home. We are not able to have a conversation with them to help them understand why all of this is happening, so our actions definitely speak louder than words.

Taking good care of pets during a move requires a few extra steps, but can make a big difference to them. There are some things we can do as pet owners to make sure our pets feel as little stress as possible before, during and after a move.

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1. Choosing a New Home

If your pet is a big part of your life and you are definitely planning on having your pet with you for a while, then it is probably a good idea to make sure your new home will accommodate them as well as you. This might include checking out the neighborhood to make sure it is safe for your pet or choosing a home with adequate space for you, your family and your pet. You may even want to consider the age of your pet and how that will affect its needs.

2. Preparing for the Move

Before moving with your pet, you will want to be sure you are properly prepared. If it is a long distance move or involves an extreme change in climate, you may want to consult with your vet about any outstanding shots that may need to take place before the move. This might also be a good time to talk to the vet about car sickness medications for your pet.  For those driving long distances, find hotels along the way that are pet friendly. Be sure to have all ID tags and health records ready to go.

3. Moving Day

In the chaos and confusion of moving day, the last thing you want to do is risk injury to your pet by letting them roam free. With movers and other people in and out of the house, it can cause fear in some pets. Keep them in a secured crate or room until you are ready to move them. This will reduce stress and keep them safe.

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4. Carriers and Crates

It is best to transport smaller animals in a safe and secure carrier or crate. Make sure the carrier is well ventilated and designed for pets. Larger animals should be kept on leashes and close to the owner at all times. The stress of the move can cause some pets to run away. Keep your pet close by at all times during a move. Do not transport pets in the storage area of a moving van or truck.

For more questions about moving with a pet, call Jones Moving at 602-944-1413.


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