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Why You Need Climate Controlled Storage

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Once you’ve put valuable items into a storage unit, you don’t want to be in constant fear that they could be getting damaged.climate controlled storage Whether you’re holding them until you can find a space for them in your home, or you ran out of space and needed extra storage, you want your belongings to be safe and well taken care of.

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That’s why we offer climate controlled storage. We don’t want you to worry that during the sweltering summer months, your family heirlooms or furniture are in danger. Here are the benefits of investing in climate controlled storage for your belongings.

  • It eliminates heat damage to items. Items like pictures and electronics can become damaged by extreme heat. No need to worry if you’ve placed items in our storage units.
  • Humidity can wreak havoc on your hair, so what do you think it could do to your furniture if it’s not in a well enclosed space? Wood can become warped and damaged. Metals can begin to rust and change color. You’ll have peace of mind with your things in our climate controlled storage units. Phoenix monsoon season will be no big deal!
  • Because our unites are indoors, there’s no exterior exit. This means added security for your precious items. We perform regular inspections just to ensure each of our customer’s storage units have not been tampered with. There’s no public access to the units and our facility is secured 24 hours a day.

While you relax in your nice cool home during the summer months and bask in the warmth during the winter, you can rest assured that the items in your climate controlled storage units. Our units are moderately priced and we offer long and short term rentals.

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Stop by to tour our facility or give us a call at 602-944-1413 to see if our climate controlled storage units are the ones for you.


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